JPW Instruments picture Gallery

Complex repair, see final repair of the Waltons penny whistle
New Logo engraving final proof on old prototype Low D
New Logo engraving (size) final proof on old prototype Low D
JPW Instruments polishing motor
Custom jig
JPW's donkey saw, belt sander & rolling mill
JPW Instruments old bench drill
P5 Plan view
Flagship Low D Whistles by JPW Instruments (S2 and S4)
P5 end view
Constructing P1's mouthpiece profile
P1 Drilling
Tuning P1
JPW's Little marvel button press
Drilling P1 finger holes
Fixing P1 Low D damage
Haunt the woods playing the first JPW Instruments flagship Low D
Low and High D's in the making
Plan view of P1's mouthpiece
JPW's Boxford AUD Lathe
JPW's toolboxes
JPW's toolboxes
The band saw!
Johannes Brahms Inspiration
Turning black Delrin mouthpiece
Custom Fipple block construction. Naval Brass and Aluminium
The workshop clock!
Turning black Delrin
Custom Fipple in Naval Brass and Aluminium.
Wind-way marking jig
Bent Waltons penny whistle repaired, polished and lacquered
Waltons penny whistle repair
Daniel Leahy, Flagship Low D. Photo by Hilary Mullaney
P1 (the first prototype Low D)
S6, S7 & S8 High D (Penny Whistle)
JPW Instruments, Master Crafted
Flagship & Dulcet Penny Whistles ready for drilling
S2 and S4 close up
Low D and High D Whistle's in the making
P5 side view
P5 makers mark
S5 mouthpiece
S5 Low D made for charity prize draw