Low whistle (TRAD range)

  The JPW Instruments Low whistle TRAD range feature an all aluminium construction paying homage to the original Bernard Overton Low whistles. The aim was to create a Low whistle which sounds as close as possible to the original breathy haunting Overton sound; the selected materials are key in achieving that goal.

  While many manufacturers strive to innovate new elements of design into their instruments to stand out from the crowd, JPW Instruments felt that it was not necessary to redefine the instrument. Even the bore size and wall thickness are similar to the original Overton. Just like the JPW flagship range, the performance attributes have been brought into line with modern customer expectations by building in a curved wind-way mouthpiece to reduce blockage during performance while featuring the unrivalled tuning and intonation you can only expect to find in a JPW Instrument. The meticulous attention to tuning and intonation results in the closest balance in volume between octaves.

 The TRAD range feature a high gloss clear lacquer to preserve the stunning mirror finish you could only expect to find on a professional master crafted instrument. The lacquer process brings additional benefits to the performance attributes of the instrument by fully sealing the wind-way channel.